UBDV offers a broad range of expertise in management and consulting services for real estate and the built environment. Our expertise stretches from strategic definition of development opportunities (UBsf) towards full life-time investment management (UBim) services for real estate investment funds and portfolios. Furthermore, UBDV is consults in change management (UBcm) for real estate organisations. 


UBDV Consultancy

Developing and managing buildings requires interdisciplinary skills in architecture, planning, finance and real estate. Through knowledge and experience UBDV has access to all those disciplines. UBDV’s consulting is expressed in an interactive, interdisciplinary answer to the client’s request or management problem.

UBDV Network

The UBDV network includes real estate professionalsarchitectsplannersmunicipalities and academic institutions in the Netherlands, France and Germany. UBDV’s has experience in managing pan-European real estate portfolios of British, Spanish and German-Dutch investors. UBDV is based in Berlin, Germany.


UBDV Statement

We define buildings as essential resources for our civilization but also acknowledge them as real estate assets on the balance sheet. For UBDV, a building is a success when it can to live up to the high expectations of a wide variety of stakeholders. It is UBDV’s challenge to identify all those stakeholders and combine their expectations in one successful building project. Through a creative, interdisciplinary approach, UBDV makes buildings work; as a sustainable return on investment, efficient in use, appearance and quality, for now and for later.