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We offer a broad range of expertise in management and consulting services for the real estate industry, architecture and the built environment.
Our experience covers the full lifecycle of the building, from planning to reuse and refurbishment. Our mission is to make buildings work in every phase of their existence, continuously managing the conditions for a successful real estate investment while keeping focus on their long-term architectural and urban value.


"A continuous dialogue is an indispensible asset for the inseparable marriage of real estate and architecture."

"In an environment of increasing and continuously changing regulatory requirements real estate organizations need efficient tools and procedures that support the employee in his or her creativity and business initiative."

"In the interdisciplinary complexity of real estate development a successful project is more then the sum of its parts. Mastering this equation requires architectural and financial knowledge."

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Photo: Gaëlle de Radiguès

Photo: Gaëlle de Radiguès

Since 2001 Paul has gained professional experience in the international development and management of real estate. Of Dutch origin Paul has been working for Dutch, German, Catalan and British real estate developers and investors. He holds a degree as Master of Science in architecture (TU Delft - 2001) and a Master of Science in Real Estate Management of (TU Berlin - 2010). Currently Paul has started a PhD research project on the relation of real estate and architecture at the chair of planning and construction economics/ real estate at the institute of Architecture, Faculty VI, Technical University Berlin. Paul lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin and is fluent in Dutch, German, French and English. Please find his full CV under this link.

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Paulus A. van der Kuil

Pohlstraße 1
10785 Berlin
+49 30 497 86390

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